Arrived! Sept 20, 2023
American Bully puppies for sale

Who We Are

BullzRock Kennels, LLC (BRK) is a Minnesota based dog breeder of Standard and XL American Bullies. BRK was established in Feb 2022 with a mission to provide an ethical, family based service while focusing on expanding the health and positive attributes of this amazing breed. We fell in love with American Bullies and their fantastic temperament and loyalty to their families. They are truly some of the most loving and devoted dogs you will ever find! They are smart, observant and easy to train. They are full of personality! They are reliable and playful and good with children and other dogs. And still, they will guard and protect their family with everything in them.

American Bully size head

An American Bully is a fantastic choice for anyone, but especially nice for women who want both a loving companion and a fierce protector! Their formidable appearance combined with historical unethical treatment and practices involving bullies have often earned them a “dangerous” reputation which unfairly discriminates against this breed. We strive to change that and enhance the understanding of their true character to the general public. Be prepared for them to change your life forever! As we say, we are transforming lives, one bully at a time!

lilac tri american bully female

Since we operate on a small-scale, family based model, buying a dog from us means that you gain a dog family for life! We are here for on-going support, long after you receive your pup. This starts with ensuring that you are the right fit for a bully and that your pup’s temperament matches your needs. We screen all potential applicants to ensure that our pups are going to loving families. We work closely with you throughout the whole adoption process, with frequent pictures, video recordings, video chats and access to our live BRK pup cam-

lilac american bully xl

-all so you can monitor your pups growth and development until he/she is ready to go home. You will find that we implement ethical practices, effective communication and loving treatment of every dog! We provide healthy and happy dogs that have been socialized in a family setting, fully vaccinated and with their ears cropped. We offer an optional transport service, if desired. A member of our family will personally and safely escort your new pup to you at a scheduled time and destination. All our dogs are ABKC registered and from well established bloodlines.

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